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About Diamond Rigging Corp

Diamond Rigging started small with 3-men and a single forklift and has grown into one of the largest machinery moving and rigging companies in Chicagoland. We now have over 30+ forklifts and 20 full-time employees that support the manufacturing, machining, medical, printing, packing and food industries of Chicago and around the world.

Our growth and size did not happen over-night, it was a slow and calculated business plan that has been over 30-years in the making. Being a family-owned business we make a commitment to each individual employee hired that our #1 priority is to provide them with full-time hours year-round. The culture at Diamond Rigging requires hard-working and high character people that will provide quality service, communication and support for customers. Because of that, Diamond Rigging customers know our employees by their first names and request them to complete their next job. We feel every employee and customer is part of the family and those relationships are built to last.

Perhaps Diamond Rigging’s greatest strength is our ability to adjust on the fly and meet customer needs at a moment’s notice…It’s what makes us different. We understand that there are delays at port, the railyard and breakdowns of interoffice communication. No one is more capable of working with you to prepare for those “what-ifs” and be ready with alternative solutions.

Attention to the details and high levels of communication (in-person, phone, email and text) are the cornerstone to any successful project. Every Diamond Rigging customer has direct access to our Ownership and Project Management team from your first call into the Office for a proposal to the Final Invoice. Diamond Rigging provides you with an experience that you can expect more from. Call us today and find out first hand (630) 879-6500.

Our Founder

Max Mayer - Founder - Diamond Rigging Corp.

In 1988 Diamond Rigging was incorporated in Batavia, IL by Max Mayer. He has lifelong ties to the Chicago area having been born and raised in Naperville, earning an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from Northern Illinois University. Post-college he held positions with local Chicagoland companies such as DuKane, Engineered Sound and others before being offered a position at Belding Corporation as an estimator and project manager.

Max’s skills and education were applied to multi-million dollar machinery projects for Fortune 500 clients such as GM, Caterpillar and John Deere. While he found success in this role, Max saw lost opportunity with smaller customers and independent businesses that needed machinery moving and rigging support on a ½-day or single day effort. These projects were viewed as too small to pursue and a distraction from the existing business model at Belding Corp.

Anyone who knows Max has heard him say “Lead, Follow or…Get out of the Way”. Lead is what he did. Max developed a plan to serve small-business, start-ups and entrepreneurs himself and Diamond Rigging Corporation was created. While serving as President over the next 30-years, Max demanded a high level of service, accountability and communication to meet customer needs at the same level as any Fortune 500. His passion for the work and engineering mindset to problem solve have molded Diamond Rigging into the business it is today. Max also understands that what the company is today must be continuously improving and evolving with the Japanese business philosophy of “Kaizen”.

Part of that evolution is now the transition of ownership into the 2nd generation with his son Matt (Moose) Mayer taking over as managing partner and President. Max is still very present in the business day-to-day and will continue to be an invaluable asset to the business as Diamond Rigging looks forward to serving Chicagoland customers for another 30-years.

“Customer service is why Diamond Rigging was founded in 1988. Half-day and multi-day jobs became plant moves because of customer service. A customer trusts Diamond Rigging to safely move the machines that are the business’s lifeblood. Diamond’s continuous improvement efforts support the Chicagoland manufacturing engine. Diamond’s men grow in expertise, Diamond’s equipment gets sophisticated and these allow Diamond’s family to help Chicago manufacturers. That reward of helping powers Diamond’s past and future.”

– R. Max Mayer, Founder of Diamond Rigging Corporation

Our Staff

Max Mayer - Founder - Diamond Rigging Corp

Max Mayer


Matt Mayer - President - Diamond Rigging Corp

Matt Mayer


Ken Morrissey - Vice President - Diamond Rigging Corp

Ken Morrissey


Tim M - Project Manager - Diamond Rigging Corp

Tim Murtaugh


Rich Geroulis - Foreman - Diamond Rigging Corp

Rich G.


Matt P - Diamond Rigging Corp

Matt P.


Mike F - Diamond Rigging Corp

Mike F.


Jose R - Diamond Rigging Corp

Jose R.


Jim L - Diamond Rigging Corp

Jim L.


Dave C - Diamond Rigging Corp

Dave C.

Jason W - Diamond Rigging Corp

Jason W.

Ryan L - Diamond Rigging Corp

Ryan L.

Daniel N - Diamond Rigging Corp

Daniel N.

D'Angelo W - Diamond Rigging Corp

D'Angelo W.

Jason F - Diamond Rigging Corp

Jason F.

Allan S - Diamond Rigging Corp

Allan S.

Eric L- Diamond Rigging Corp

Eric L.

Doug S- Diamond Rigging Corp

Doug S.

Felix R. - Diamond Rigging Corp

Felix R.

Deborah N. - Diamond Rigging Corp

Deborah N.

Diamond Rigging Equipment

Our Equipment

1 - 50 Ton Tri-Lifter Boom Truck
3 - 40/60 Versa-Lifts
4 - 25/35 Versa-Lifts
3 - 30k Forklifts
3 - 20k Forklifts
1 - 18k Forklift (15' fork lift)
1 - 15k Forklift (18' fork lift)

5 - 15k Forklifts
3 - 12k Forklifts
1 - 8k Forklifts
2 - 6k Forklifts
3 - 5k Forklifts
1 - IC-200 Broderson
1 - IC-80 Broderson

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